Are you thinking of becoming pregnant, or are pregnant, and have questions about being pregnant with IBD, and taking IBD medications?  Your health care team is there to provide support and help you manage your IBD through your pregnancy, at time of delivery, and post partum, so that you can be healthy and well to care for your infant.

Click on each module to view some basic information (developed in 2014 for the Improving Knowledge Regarding Pregnancy and IBD).    (We are in the process of updating the information to include newer IBD medications that have come onto the market in the recent years)

You can also watch and hear a webinar hosted by Crohn’s Colitis Canada with presenters Dr Vivian Huang and Dr Cynthia Seow, where we present information about managing IBD in pregnancy as well as answer FAQs online.

Ask your health care team questions about your IBD and IBD therapies before you become pregnant, and inform them once you are pregnant, as some may need to be adjusted or changed.

Information modules

I have IBD, can I become pregnant?

I have IBD, will my child have IBD?

I have IBD, could surgery affect my ability to become pregnant?

I have IBD, how does IBD affect pregnancy?

I have IBD, how does IBD affect delivery, postpartum, and breastfeeding?

I was on a biologic during pregnancy, can baby be vaccinated?