Welcome to the Preconception and Pregnancy in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinical Research Program

Are you thinking of becoming pregnant, or are pregnant, and have questions about being pregnant while having IBD and taking IBD medications? Your health care team is there to provide support and help you manage your IBD through your pregnancy, at time of delivery, and postpartum, so that you can be healthy and well to care for your infant. This webpage is meant to provide you information at various stages of pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and post partum, and we encourage you to discuss topics with your medical team. We also have many exciting clinical research studies with the aim to improve care for people with IBD during pregnancy and to improve maternal and neonatal outcomes in IBD.

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Are you thinking about pregnancy? Be prepared and ensure your IBD is well controlled before and during pregnancy.

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People with IBD can have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. You are more likely to have good outcomes if your IBD stays in remission.

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Stay healthy so you can take care of your newborn. Here are some tips regarding your IBD management in the postpartum period.

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We Invite You to Participate in Our Research Studies

We aim to better understand the impact of IBD on pregnancy and maternal and infant health. We are developing and studying ways to improve the care provided to people with IBD who are planning pregnancy, are pregnant, or are peripartum/post partum.

We also want to better understand the impact of pregnancy on IBD symptoms and disease activity. We are conducting translational (collecting samples and analyzing in the lab) studies on the biological interaction between IBD and pregnancy.

We need study participants in order to complete these studies. If you are interested or if you would like more information on participating in research, please click a button below or contact preg.ibd@sinaihealth.ca

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