We aim to study the important interactions between maternal disease (IBD) and IBD therapies, and her preconception, pregnant, and peripartum physiological and clinical state, and also the important maternal-fetal-neonatal interaction in the setting of maternal IBD and IBD therapies.

INTERESTED or HAVE QUESTIONS?  Wish to participate or volunteer?

If you are interested in participating in any of the studies, please email us at preg.ibd@sinaihealth.ca (Toronto).   



1) Drugs and Breast feeding

The goal of the study is to learn about drug safety during breastfeeding. We measure drug levels in breast milk to understand how safe they are for babies, when they are exposed through breast milk. The study involves collection of small breast milk samples between two doses of your medication and filling out a short questionnaire.

Who is eligible?  All nursing mothers who are taking one or more drug(s) on the study priority list and are able to communicate in English. (For inquiry about the priority list, please contact us.)

Person of contact: Sholeh Ghayoori at email dlac.project@sickkids.ca
416-813-7654 ext. 205675

More information at sick kids website: Drugs and Breastfeeding in IBD