How do you make the most of your doctor’s visit?

Having IBD means having a chronic disease.   This means you will need to be proactive and keep seeing your gastroenterologist, as well as any other people in your care team, including surgeon, nurses, dieticians, and others.

To make the most out of your visits with your gastroenterologist or other clinicians, it is recommended that you prepare ahead of time, by thinking of the following:

  • how you have been in terms of your IBD in the past 6 months or since the last visit
    • diarrhea?
    • abdominal pain?
    • blood in stools?
    • weight loss?
    • skin lesions, mouth ulcers, joint aches?
  • medications you are on for the IBD – any side effects or concerns, your response to them (do they make you feel better)
  • other questions/concerns
  • complete the Harvey Bradshaw Index if have Crohn’s disease, or the Mayo and DAI if have Ulcerative colitis, and bring this to your clinic visit

If it is your first visit to the clinic, it is important to inform your Gastroenterologist about your past medical history, surgery history, and other active medical conditions (besides your IBD)

First visit intake (other medical history) (Dr. Huang’s clinic)

Some other good resources for preparing for your doctor’s visit are available below:

doctor_discussion_guide (