a) Improving Knowledge of Reproductive Issues in Inflammatory Bowel Disease web portal (funding from AIHS Knowledge to Action grant): 

Many IBD patients have concerns regarding pregnancy due to negative views and unfounded concerns about their disease or medications.  We  developed and assessed a web portal with the aim of improving IBD patient’s knowledge and concerns regarding pregnancy.  The study is now closed to recruitment; our website does improve knowledge, increasing patient’s CCPKnow scores, and reduces concerns about pregnancy and IBD.

b) A decision-making tool to help women with IBD and their health care team make informed decisions regarding the management of IBD during pregnancy and peripartum. (funding from WCHRI CRISP grant):

Together with patient representatives, multidisciplinary care providers, and knowledge translation experts, we will develop decision aides for patients with IBD to help them make decisions about their IBD management in their journey from preconception, pregnancy, peripartum, and post partum.