Lead investigator: Dr. Vivian Huang (University of Alberta and University of Toronto)

Co-investigators and Collaborators (University of Alberta): Dr. Levinus Dieleman, Dr. Karen Madsen, Dr. Richard Fedorak, Dr. Eytan Wine, Dr. Shokrollah Elahi, Dr. Daniel Sadowski (RAH), Dr. Karen Kroeker (UAH), Dr. Brendan Halloran (UAH), Dr. Sander van Zanten (UAH), Dr. Robert Bailey (RAH), U of A Division of Gastroenterology, Dr. Mike Kolber (UAH family medicine), Dr. Rshmi Khurana (RAH obstetrical medicine) , Dr. Radha Chari (RAH maternal fetal medicine obstetrics), Lois Hole Clinical Research Unit (RAH), WCHRI, CEGIIR

Contact (University of Alberta):

About us: The clinical research programs aim to improve clinical management of IBD to improve outcomes for mothers with IBD and their infants, and to study the complex interaction between maternal IBD, pregnancy, and the neonate.


The programs include

1) a consultation clinic for women with IBD who are preconception, pregnant, and post partum

2) “bench to bedside” research studies to understand the interaction between maternal IBD and pregnancy, and impact on the infant

3) “bench to bedside” research studies to find biomarkers to assistant in the management of IBD during pregnancy,

4) educational research studies to improve knowledge regarding pregnancy and IBD.


For more information, go to the following pages:

U of A’s Clinical Outcomes research

U of A’s Translational research

U of A’s Knowledge Translation research


INTERESTED or HAVE QUESTIONS?  Wish to participate or volunteer?

If you are interested in participating in any of the studies, please email us at (Edmonton) or (Toronto).