5-aminosalicylates (5-ASA) agents

  • what are 5-ASA?
    • these are mesalamine containing compounds, with very few side effects
    • e.g. Asacol, Mesavant, Pentasa, Salofalk
  • who uses 5-ASA?
    • 5-ASA are most commonly used to treat ulcerative colitis, although some patients with Crohn’s colitis may find benefit
  • how are 5-ASA taken?
    • they can be taken orally once to several times a day
    • there are topical forms (liquids, foams, suppositories that melt) which were made to coat the inner lining of the rectum and last part of the colon
    • the topical therapies may help with healing of the rectum (and help with the symptoms of urgency, rectal bleeding)