An Online Educational Portal Improves Concerns of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients Regarding Pregnancy and Medication.

The University of Alberta Pregnancy in IBD clinic developed an online educational portal at for men and women with IBD to educate and address concerns regarding IBD, IBD medications, IBD surgeries, and pregnancy.   People with IBD were invited to access the portal, view the educaitonal modules, and complete surveys on their knowledge about reproduction and IBD, and their concerns about pregnancy and IBD.  The study showed that this educational portal significantly improved knowledge, and decreased the number of concerns.   The educational material is available to view on the website, and further development of the website, and educational materials is underway.

(Abstract presented at Women and Children’s Health Research Institute WCHRI Research Day 2016 by research assistant Reed Sutton.  Abstract to be presented at Canadian Digestive Diseases Week in 2017)