The Preconception and Pregnancy in Inflammatory Bowel Disease consultation and research clinic at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, ON is now open.

Women with chronic illnesses, such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), often have difficulties making decisions regarding family planning and pregnancy, due to many concerns and questions regarding the potential impact of the IBD or IBD therapies on their pregnancy and future children.

The purpose of this clinic is to provide a consultation service to address patient and physician concerns regarding reproduction in IBD, as well as to research the interactions of IBD and pregnancy, and find better ways to optimize the management of IBD during this important time of a person’s life.

The clinic is open for referral of female patients with IBD who are considering pregnancy, or who are pregnant.  This specialized clinic will provide the following clinical services:

  • personalized and tailored patient education regarding IBD and IBD therapies on fertility, pregnancy, and breastfeeding
  • detailed close clinical IBD monitoring and recommended management of IBD during pre-conception, pregnancy, peri-partum, and post-partum time periods
  • liaison and assistance with referrals with high risk obstetrics and maternal-fetal medicine
  • access to IBD resources (e.g. patient support groups, dietician referrals)
  • remote clinical monitoring (e.g. TELEhealth visits)

This is a concurrent care clinic, meaning patients who have gastroenterologists continue to follow them, and the model of care is personalized to the patient and their health care team.

If you have any questions, please contact (416) 586-4800 ext 2475 or

For physicians who wish to make a referral, please fax to (416) 586-4655.